WSIB Class Action Lawsuit Registration

About the Class Action Lawsuit

This only applies to claims after January 1, 1990.

Welcome, to the Class Action Lawsuit organized by WSIB SETTLEMENTS.COM for injured and ill workers ("the class) against the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) for its "Deeming Practices" of injured and ill workers' claims about the benefit calculations effected by the WSIB of their Future Economic Loss (FEL) benefits and Loss of Earnings (LOE) benefits respectively.

We contend that the WSIB's interpretation and application of Section 43 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act1997 (WSIA), the Workers’ Compensation Act, the pre-1985 Act, pre-1989 Act and pre-1997 Act as amended by the WSIA, is not in keeping with the intent of Section 43 thereby causing significant financial harm to ("the Class). 

In seeking to certify the Class Action, we will seek damages from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for the "the Class" for previous decisions made by the WSIB wherein the WSIB applied its' "Deeming Policy" in their claims.

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