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The following are just some of the key tools and strategies available to our customers in three subscription plans, offering them the opportunity to select a plan based on their needs and at an affordable rate. For further details about each plan, please see our Plans & Pricing page.


Our WSIB Settlement Kits, the keystone of the arsenal available to our customers, address some of the most common issues in a particular claim over the past 30 plus years. New Kits are added to our roster based on customer needs.  

WSIB Basics

Our WSIB Basics page provides a simplified overview of a typical claim, from filing to the types of benefits that can be paid and the appeal system. New claimants applying for WSIB benefits can learn about the many aspects of the claims process and get tips on how to avoid some of the pitfalls. WSIB Forms are also conveniently available to our customers where they can be filled out and uploaded directly to the WSIB. This information can also be helpful to others who are at different stages of their claim process. 


Historically, one of the most common problems encountered in dealing with claims, is the customer's inability to recall certain actions that took place in their claim. This often leads to credibility issues and a lack of proper documentation to support what the customer was complaining about. E-TRACKR allows our customers, regardless of proficiency in the English language, operating a computer, or education, to track all actions that he/she has taken with respect to his/her claim. For instance, documenting a doctors visit and what was discussed, including the plan of action. A phone call or meeting with the employer, a discussion with a case manager, remember certain important details at a hearing etc. Each action is time-stamped, and the customer can also upload documents on E-TRACKR. All E-TRACKR information can be retrieved when needed by the customer.   


For customers who would like to obtain answers to specific questions pertaining to their claim, they can do so with the Ask Jack feature. This feature applies to all claims regardless of the date of their claim. Customers are directed to the appropriate questionnaire corresponding with the date of their claim so that they can be provided with a response by referencing the appropriate legislation for the period. 


This feature allows customers to register their claim by filling out a short form. Whenever the WSIB makes changes that could affect those claims, the customer receives a special alert about the change, how it may impact their claim and instructions on what to do, if anything. 

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