Just knowing the system doesn't cut it! Results do!

In the late eighties, just a few months after arriving in Canada from the Azores, Portugal, and three months following his 17th birthday, Joe suffered a significant work injury resulting in the amputation of several fingers in his right dominant hand. It was then that he began his own personal experience as an injured worker. He learned first-hand the harsh realities of a system that was unfriendly and at times ruthless towards  those it was setup to support. Shortly thereafter, Joe began his career helping workers who were injured or developed an illness in their workplace and their families.

Over a period of three decades, Joe built a business with over 10,000 clients all across Ontario and a team of over 20 File Managers, File Assistants and other support staff, to handle the rapidly growing business. Machado Professional Paralegals Corporation (MPPC) became the largest private firm exclusively handling WSIB cases at all levels of the claims process, including the WSIB's Appeals Division and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal. With a state-of-the-art process, including having client WSIB files scanned and available to his team at their fingertips, the infrastructure which also included various points of checks and balances to ensure that client matters didn't fall through the cracks, allowed the firm to handle a large number of cases at any given point.

Those of us who have been in the industry long enough, know that whenever the Board is looking to cut costs, it's always the injured workers who pay the price and are the most vulnerable. As Joe's firm grew and the success rate resulted in over 200 million dollars in settlements for his clients, including arears benefits as well as future benefits, the firm became an increasing threat to the WSIB's top tier executives and to their sometimes indiscriminate cost cutting measures by whatever mean possible. David Marshall, the then CEO of the WSIB had a mandate to bring down and eventually eliminate the WSIB's ballooning unfunded liability and nothing was going to get in his way. 

The day that everything changed!

In April of 2015, Joe was visited in his office by two WSIB employees at which time he was advised of a series of charges levied against him and his company. Although he had managed to fend off attempts to get rid of him previously, this time it was different. Joe ended-up making a pragmatic decision and agreed to a mediated settlement with a Superior Court Judge and the WSIB. Although there are always two sides to a story and in this case there was far more to this one than that. For legal reasons, Joe cannot disclose the details of the mediated agreement which in part involved that he and his company (MPPC) would have no further dealings in representing injured and ill workers before the WSIB. That would appear to be the end of Joe's career as an injured and ill worker advocate. Or would it? Despite all of this, countless of Joe's clients have remained loyal to him due to success he achieved for them and their families.   


The next chapter!

With an in depth understanding of the needs of injured and ill workers and extensive experience in helping them meet their needs, in another innovative step, Joe has created wsibsettlements.com, a move that would have been cost prohibitive and too complex to implement just a hand full of years ago. With significant developments in technology over the past five years, Joe was able to harness that power and create a process whereby he can once again provide assistance for injured or ill workers and without them having to give-up any of the proceeds from their settlements. This is a game changer for hundreds of thousands of families throughout Ontario. A key priority for Joe when developing this system was to ensure that it was accessible to all injured and ill workers regardless of disability, education or finances.

Having been the one to initiate the contingency fee structure that lawyers and paralegals employ today to offer their services, which can amount to thousands of dollars of injured worker's settlements, to access Joe's empowering program costs far less than a cup of coffee a day!   Joe has developed the
 WSIB Settlement Kits which were carefully created to enable his customers to make effective requests for benefits pertaining to their claims. With his weekly vlog and regular blogs, he can impart his knowledge and extensive experience (somewhat like a coach) to ensure that his customers are well equipped in their attempts to gain benefits to which they may be entitled. It is important to note that Joe is not acting as a lawyer or paralegal. He is simply providing a wide range of products that members can use for free, that were carefully developed by employing three decades of hands on experience with proven results. 

We welcome you to take a look around our site and see some of the key aspects of Joe's system.

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