Over three decades of helping injured workers 

WSIB Settlements is different from other injured worker representation options. As an innovator and after having built Ontario's largest paralegal firm with thousands of clients spread out across the province, dealing exclusively with the WSIB and the WSIAT, Joe took over three decades of that experience and created a set of practical tools and a unique system to help injured workers with their WSIB claims. They have been instrumental in settling thousands of cases, with hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears and future benefits. Joe knows what works and what doesn't!

Joe learned long ago that no case is the same, and injured or ill workers' needs vary depending on their circumstances. His system supports those who require little assistance to stay on track with their claim while also providing expert support for those who may require a more hands-on approach to address more complex problems.

Joe isn't just an expert in WSIB settlements; he's also an injured worker like you. He understands firsthand how a work injury can completely change your life and the uncertainties that come with it. Joe knows the stress of dealing with an organization that sees you as just another inconvenience. He can relate to you on a personal level and understands your predicament. If you want to hear about Joe's story, you can find it on his YouTube channel @wsibtruthmatters, where he shares his experiences without sugarcoating the reality!  


Joe's YouTube Channel 

Joe started his YouTube channel to reach as many injured and ill workers as possible. He provides weekly insights into the WSIB and answers viewer and subscriber questions about their claims. He also shares his experiences dealing with some of the more complicated and controversial aspects of Pre-1990 legislation and policies, Bill 162 and Bill 99.

Joe's on a mission to undo the harm and devastation the WSIB has brought upon injured and ill workers with its Deeming Practices, which has left many disabled and struggling financially to make ends meet.


Preferred Legal Provider Network

Over the years, Joe has gained a good understanding of the needs of his clients and members of WSIB Settlements. In many instances, injured workers have to apply for other benefits, while their WSIB case is being adjudicated or when their WSIB benefits have stopped, and they need to launch an appeal. But appeals can take months, even years. Many will apply for Long Term Disability, Canada Pension Disability, or the Ontario Disability Support Program. Sadly, in many cases, they require professional legal help to resolve their issues with these other agencies. Joe wanted to ensure his members could access experienced and affordable legal services.

To meet those needs, Joe has launched the Preferred Legal Provider Network, which consists of lawyers and paralegals with the expertise, knowledge, and resources to provide effective and affordable representation for WSIB Settlements members. But why stop there? We took it a step further

Everyone has legal needs at some point during their lifetime. The Preferred Legal Provider Network will provide most, if not all, of the legal services the average person may require.