Our team has helped thousands of injured and ill workers for over three decades.

Over 10,000 families helped

With three decades of client representation with the WSIB, and over ten thousand clients spread out across Ontario, our system has had a positive impact on many injured and ill workers and their families.

Effective legal arguments

Our success has been largely due to the preparation and presentation of thousands of effective legal arguments, by taking into account the WSIB legislation, policy framework and Tribunal jurisprudence.

Over 200 Million in settlements

The end result is the securing of settlements for thousands of clients, consisting of both retroactive and future benefits, payable from within the various structures of benefits inherent in WSIB legislation.

How our WSIB Settlement Docs can help you

Created by experts with decades of experience successfully representing injured and ill workers with both the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal, our WSIB Settlement Docs can help you with any entitlement issues you may have concerning your claim.

Our Settlement Docs can be available to you and uploaded directly to the WSIB in a matter of minutes!

Why Our WSIB Settlements Docs can help
millions of ontario workers

Hiring a lawyer or paralegal

  • Pay up-front fees to get started on your case
  • Pay for disbursements
  • Spend hours online to find the right lawyer or paralegal
  • Having to leave your home to meet at their office, when it may be difficult for you
  • Pay hourly rates between $140 & $400
  • Wait days and even weeks for an update on your case
  • Give up a large portion of your settlement (20 to 30%) to deal with a minor issue that required minimal time and effort

The option that makes sense

  • Only one small monthly payment of $17.95
  • No additional hidden fees or disbursements
  • Select the Settlement Doc you need within minutes of joining and have it uploaded directly to the WSIB
  • Get expert advice when you need it at no additional costs
  • Free tools to help you track activities in your claim
  • Receive legislative updates to protect your benefits
  • No need to leave your home
  • Keep ALL your settlement money!

All the support you need at your fingertips!

Appeal Ready Review & Recommendations

Are you ready for your appeal? Remove any doubt by having one of our experts in WSIB and WSIAT appeals perform a comprehensive review of your case and provide written recommendations complete with applicable policies, legislation and WSIAT decisions that align with your case.

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