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Over 200 million in settlements

We help injured and ill workers with their claims with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), by providing them with the tools to secure their benefits and keep all of their settlement money in their pocket!




While it can typically take a paralegal or lawyer countless hours of law and policy research to present a case for benefits, our Kits are now available to you, without you having to give up any portion of your settlement. The best part is you can have your Kit ready for use in just minutes!

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Over 10,000 families helped

With three decades of client representation with the WSIB, and over ten thousand clients spread out across Ontario, our system has had a positive impact on many injured and ill workers and their families.

Legal Arguments

Effective legal arguments

Our success has been largely due to the preparation and presentation of thousands of effective legal arguments, by taking into account the WSIB legislation, policy framework and Tribunal jurisprudence.

Millions in Settlements

Over 200 Million in settlements

The end result is the securing of settlements for thousands of clients, consisting of both retroactive and future benefits, payable from within the various structures of benefits inherent in WSIB legislation.

Using our kits is easy...anyone can do it!

WSIB Settlement Kit

Choose Your WSIB Settlement Kit

Choose a Kit or Kits that address your issues of entitlement with the WSIB

Answer Questions

Answer Simple Questions

Each Kit is carefully drafted with arguments based on WSIB legislation and policy

Sign & Print Your Document

Sign & Print Your Document

You can E-sign, upload directly to the WSIB, download for your records, email and print

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Many features to address your needs...

Weekly Blog

Joe's Vlog

Joe shares his decades of experiences and reveals important information about the inner workings of the WSIB, its' vast infrastructure, the decision-making process and the role of the organization's power players. He also responds to member questions to help them understand the basis for how decisions were made in their claims and how to address them.

Just Ask Joe

Just Ask Joe

For members who want a One-one-One with Joe and answers to specific questions regarding their claims, they can participate in the Just Ask Joe feature included in the Plus and Full Access plans. It is a very user friendly process. Participating members can also upload a decision letter or other document for which they would like an opinion.

Instructional Video

Instructional Video

You don't need to be an expert to fight for what you deserve. The WSIB is a very complex system made-up of decades of legislative amendments and ambiguous policies. It can be very intimidating for claimants to not only fight for their rights, but be certain that what they were given was fair. This is why, each of our Kits come with a short instructional video describing how to get the most out of it.

Be Informed

Be Informed

It has been our experience that the WSIB regularly makes changes to the system which impact the various benefit structures. This can be very confusing to the claimant. This feature of our program provides members with the peace of mind by receiving a special alert when the WSIB makes changes that may affect their benefits and be provided with the tools to take any necessary action

Case Assessment & Recommendation

Case Assessment & Recommendation

Do you know, within a reasonable degree of certainty that you are pursuing the right issue, at the appropriate level? The WSIB decision making process can often take significant time to be resolved and can be very confusing. Knowing whether your case has merit or is headed in the right direction can avoid a lot of stress and lengthy appeals. Having your case assessed by an expert with written recommendations provided can offer peace of mind.

Referral to approved Paralegal

Referral to approved Paralegal

With over 30 years of experience representing injured and ill workers, we recognize that in certain cases it may be more beneficial for a member to have legal representation. With our commitment to provide our members with a wide range of tools to meet their needs, in certain situations, we can provide a referral to an approved and properly vetted paralegal and at a preferred rate for our members..

Another amazing feature

Recovery from your workplace injury or illness and looking after your family should be your main priority, not having to keep track of all your medical appointments and treatment, endless dealings with your employer and the WSIB!  

E-TRACKR, available on all three membership plans, will look after all of that for you so that you’re always prepared and have your notes and documents at your fingertips when you need it most!


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Our new Compensation Rate Recalculation Kit is ready for you. Log into your Member Dashboard to start using the Kit.

If you are owed money from the WSIB as a result of your Compensation Rate not being correctly calculated, this Kit will ensure that the matter is rectified and that you are paid what you're owed!

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