WSIB Settlements

Our experts have decades of experience successfully representing injured and ill workers throughout Ontario. They have dealt with every type of issue within the WSIB and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). With over twenty WSIB Settlement Kits available to you, generic letters, and other support tools, you can have your issue with the WSIB submitted within a matter of minutes!

Why our WSIB Settlement Kits can help
millions of Ontario workers

Hiring a Lawyer or Paralegal

  • Pay up-front fees to get started on your case
  • Pay for disbursements
  • Spend hours online to find the right lawyer or paralegal
  • Having to leave your home to meet at their office, when it may be difficult for you
  • Pay hourly rates between $140 & $400
  • Wait days and even weeks for an update on your case
  • Give up a large portion of your settlement (20 to 30%)

The Better Option

  • Only one small monthly payment of $17.95
  • No additional hidden fees or disbursements
  • Select the Kit you need within minutes of joining
  • Get expert advice when you need it at no additional costs
  • Free tools to help you track activities in your claim
  • Receive legislative updates to protect your benefits
  • No need to leave your home
  • Keep ALL your settlement money!
wsib monthly plan

A Monthly Plan That's
Made For You.

As a member, you will immediately have access to experienced professionals to answer your most pressing questions. You'll have at your fingertips a set of powerful tools to help you with any issue you may have with the WSIB today and in the future. We know your matter requires urgent action and are confident our Settlement Kits can address it.

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