Need help with your WSIB case?

With over three decades of experience in dealing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal our experts can assess what type of help you need with your claim and can make sure your get it!

The WSIB Settlements advantage

Thousands of families helped

With three decades of client representation with the WSIB, and over ten thousand clients spread out across Ontario, our system has had a positive impact on many injured and ill workers and their families.

Effective legal arguments

Our success has been largely due to the preparation and presentation of thousands of effective legal arguments, by taking into account the WSIB legislation, policy framework and Tribunal jurisprudence.

Over 300 million in settlements

The end result is the securing of settlements for thousands of clients, consisting of both retroactive and future benefits, payable from within the various structures of benefits inherent in WSIB legislation.

Just some of the issues we can help with

  • Loss of Earnings Calculations
  • Loss of Earnings Calculations Special Circumstances
  • Loss of Earnings Final Review
  • Non-economic Loss Award
  • Non-economic Loss Redetermination
  • Non-economic Loss Pre-existing Condition
  • Work Reintegration
  • Future Economic Loss Award
  • Future Economic Loss Presumption Clause
  • Compensation Rate Recalculation - Pre-1990 Claims
  • Compensation Rate Recalculation - Bill 162 Claims
  • Pre-1990 Pensions
  • Pre-1990 Pension Supplements

  • Appeals WSIB Appeals Services Division
  • Appeals Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Health Care Allowances
  • Health Care Reimbursement
  • Chronic Pain Disability
  • Psychotraumatic Disability
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Secondary Conditions
  • Serious Injury Program
  • Independent Living Allowance
  • Attendant Care Allowance
  • Personal Care Allowance
  • Deemed Earnings (SO)

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