LegalPro Premier Plan Details

Video and ad details

The following are the specifications for the promotional video we will create as part of your plan, as well as ad details and schedule.  

Video editing
Script writing (you provide the content)
30-seconds running time
1 size orientation (horizontal) Suitable for FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube
Stock images and video imagery
Voice over recording (Ai) human voice surcharge $55
5 Revisions
The same video will be posted on @wsibtruthmatters YouTube channel, as well as WSIB Settlements' social pages Facebook, Instagram, X and Linkedin 

*All promotional and marketing materials are to be used in venues/locations approved by WSIB Settlements.

  • Promotional Video will run on the @wsibtruthmatters YouTube channel, on 3 separate occasions during the membership period. 
  • Video will also run on WSIB Settlements Social Media Pages on 3 separate occasions during the membership period. 
  • Ads will be posted on all WSIB Settlements' social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, X, Linkedin), on 3 different occasions during the membership period. Ads will run for a total of 3 days in each campaign.
  • Firm name and logo on our App for a period of 3 days during the membership period 

*You will receive an email notification of the dates each of the above posts.

If you have purchased your plan, please complete the following so that we may get started producing the marketing materials and launch our first marketing campaign.