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Compensation Rate Recalculation Kit

Ever wonder if your WSIB benefits were properly calculated?

Wonder no more! Our powerful Compensation Rate Recalculation Kit, provides all the tools required to allow our members to have their Compensation Rate recalculated. This applies to individuals with claims between 1985 and December 31, 1997. This tool, created by one of our experts, has resulted in some significant arrears settlements, as well as significant benefit increases for the recipient going forward.

Most people just assume that their benefits were properly calculated by the WSIB. In our experience, quite often that is not the case. Our Compensation Rate Recalculation Kit is just one of many other Kits and tools in our member plans that can help you ensure that you were and are being properly compensated for your workplace injury or illness.



Due Diligence Strategy Settlement Kits

Although sometimes unavoidable, appealing a WSIB decision can be a lengthy and extremely frustrating process. Months and even years of waiting to get a resolution in an issue with your case can have a devastating impact on the whole family.

We have a way to get your issues addressed in a more timely and exhaustive manner! Our Due Diligence Strategy Settlement Kits are a powerful and highly effective tool that places a greater level of scrutiny on decision-makers at the WSIB's Operating Level and their decisions.

Both the Compensation Rate Recalculation Settlement Kit and the Due Diligence Strategy Settlement Kits are now available to all members in the Member Centre, complete with Instructional Videos.

Our membership plan was created to provide you with all the tools and support to have your issues properly addressed by the WSIB and to ensure that you are properly compensated for your workplace injury or illness.


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