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With over three decades of experience in dealing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal our experts can assess what type of help you need with your claim and can make sure your get it!

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  • Access to the tools in our LegalPro Connect App to help you with your WSIB claim
  • Expert Support in pursuing benefits you may be entitled to in your claim
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Supplementary Services

WSIB Case Audit & Action Plan

  • A WSIB Case Audit will give you valuable insight into every aspect of your case. It will tell you if you have received or are receiving all of the benefits and services you are entitled to under the law and outline those you haven't. The detailed Case Audit Report provides you with a step-by-step Action Plan to address any unresolved issues in your claim and claim any benefits you are entitled to but did not receive. Equally important, if you need support with those issues, we can also help you. 

WSIAT Case Audit & Appeal Ready Review

  • If you're involved in an appeal at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal, you should be aware that it is the final level of appeal. However, you can increase your chances of success by presenting the strongest case possible. The WSIAT Case Audit & Appeal Ready Review can assist you in achieving this by providing a comprehensive report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your case. The report includes specific recommendations on how to strengthen your weaknesses, lists Tribunal jurisprudence and decisions that can assist in arguing your case, emphasizes the importance of strong and credible medical evidence from respected doctors and specialists, and outlines relevant Tribunal Discussion Papers. Winning your appeal is crucial, and we understand that. That's why we leave nothing to chance.