Health Care Benefits

What may be covered & the approval process

Your primary health care provider will guide you to get appropriate treatment that the WSIB covers. If you need help to find a specialized health care provider, you can search the WSIB's Programs of Care Directory by clicking this link.

We highly suggest that you request approval for all your health care related expenses for your injury or illness before proceeding with the purchase and even if you have other health care insurance. This will ensure that you are not out of pocket for those expenses and then having to chase the WSIB to get reimbursed.

Prescription drug expenses

Most of the time, a pharmacist can bill the WSIB directly for your claim-related medications. You’ll just need to provide the pharmacist with your claim number and ask to have your prescription processed through the WSIB online system. You will then receive the drug at no cost to you. 

If the cost of your prescription can’t be approved electronically, you can complete a Medication Reimbursement Form. You can send the form directly to the wsib through the wsib website, along with scanned copies or photos of your receipts.

Clothing allowance

If you wear or use a medical device (e.g., brace, wheelchair or prosthesis) because of your work-related injury, you may be eligible for a clothing allowance. The WSIB will pay you this allowance every year to repair or replace clothing damaged by your device. You can click here to apply for a clothing allowance online.

Health care equipment and supplies

The WSIB pays for approved health care equipment and supplies. This may include:

  • assistive devices (e.g., walkers)
  • braces and supports
  • other medical supplies (e.g., wound care supplies)
  • adjustable bed frames and mattresses.

Whether your workplace injury or illness was 30 years ago or recently, we have both the expertise and the tools to help you.

Have a look at our WSIB Settlement Kits page, you will likely find one that addresses your issues. If there isn't one, just send us an email describing your problem and we will do our best to create one for you!