The E-TRACKR System is very easy to use. It's a lot like having an electronic journal, but much more sophisticated. It stores all your data, including documents that you want to upload related to a particular activity, such as a medical report, in one convenient and safe location should you need it at a later date. Each log is time stamped. We all know that in time, memories fade and crucial details get forgotten. Whether it is a meeting with your employer, a phone call from your WSIB Case Manager, or a medical procedure, you can conveniently log those activities at the time they take place. Each time you log a particular activity, the system will send you an email with the information pertaining to that activity which you retain for your records. In the event that you need to appeal a decision made in your claim, this information will be of significant importance to you. 

Some of the features of the E-TRACKR system are: 

  • The ability to keep a written, time-stamped record of all activities taking place in your claim
  • Allows you to upload documents relevant to those activities 
  • It's organized, secure & confidential
  • Allows you to track progress in your claim
  • Empowers you to ensure accountability on the part of those involved in your claim
  • Is readily available to you or one of our legal providers should your case end up in an appeal

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