What is a Pre-1990 Pension?

A Pre-1990 Pension, also referred to as a Permanent Disability (PD) is the amount of money the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board pays an individual who suffered a work injury or contracted a workplace illness that did not completely resolve. This pension is paid monthly and is payable for the lifetime of the claimant.

How the WSIB concludes that an individual is entitled to receive a pension. 

Once the injured or ill worker has reached Maximum Medical Recovery (MMR), meaning, despite medical treatment for the injury or illness the injured or ill worker has not fully recovered, the WSIB concludes that the individual is entitled to a pension assessment.

If you had a pre-1990 accident, or contracted a workplace illness that has not completely resolved, you are entitled to a pension to compensate you for the residual affects of your injury or illness.

More on this later...

More on this wide ranging topic in future blogs, such as; how the pension is assessed, how it is calculated, what happens when the condition for which the pension is being paid deteriorates, getting the pension paid in one lump sum.