The biggest changes to the worker's compensation system in the 90s and the fraud charges

The 90's brought about the most significant changes to Ontario's worker's compensation system, with the implementation of Bill 162 and Bill 99, respectively. In this video, I also discuss being a target of the WSIB while building the largest paralegal firm dealing exclusively with the WSIB.

In my professional opinion, with three decades of dealing with the WSIB at all levels, including the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT), I can say without a doubt that none of these changes were in the best interest of injured workers and their families.

I could go on and on for days about the flaws inherent in the pre-1990 Section 147 Supplements and how the Section 43(9) Supplement and Future Economic Loss (FEL) benefit in Bill 162 did nothing to correct those flaws and put more money in injured workers' pockets, but that would be a mind-bending exercise that would only leave you snoring loudly by the end of the first paragraph. I can't do that to you! Instead, I will do video after video, sharing my extensive experience and success and offering real and tangible solutions to help you overcome even the most punitive of the WSIB's policies, such as Appeal Time Limits that entered into legislation with the implementation of Bill 99.

Stay tuned...I promise it will be quite the ride!!