My work accident and how it changed my life

 10,000 clients and 300 million dollars in settlements, I became such a threat that they did whatever they could to shut me down! Of course! David Marshall was well on his way to eliminating the "unfunded liability," which reportedly was well over 12 billion dollars. Despite the Ontario government giving him until 2027, he wanted to be a hero and earn himself a hefty bonus by doing it ten years ahead of time on the backs of injured and ill workers and their families! 

How did I fit into his plan? Well...I didn't! That's why they put a target on my back! But this isn't just about me. It's about the "creative crew" that schemes behind the scenes 24/7 to little by little strip away the benefits intended for injured, ill workers and their families to the point where they have to beg for help and are often denied!  

Stick around, folks; I'm just getting started! Not only will you hear about my story, but I will be revealing many of their dirty deeds and offer insight on how to address some of their most punitive policies (formal & informal), take a peak behind the curtain on Front St., and empower you to fight for your rights!

Your Rights Matter!