How a Pre-1990 Pension is assessed

A Pre-1990 Pension is assessed by a WSIB in-house doctor. No conflict of interest there?? Basically, one of the WSIB doctors looks at a bunch of reports YOUR own doctors submit. Yes, the ones who have actually treated you and are familiar with all aspects of your case. Then they take you into the WSIB office, have a look at you, and assign a number to your disability. That number can be anywhere from 0 to 100.

If you're lucky, you might get into double digits!

Seems fair...right?  

Well... not quite!

How do you combat this conflict-ridden process to yield a more fair result that is actually comparable to the reality of your disability?

Although it may seem complicated, it actually isn't. You see, the WSIB cannot ignore actual medical evidence provided by YOUR doctors when making a determination as to your level of impairment. If said information is available, they have an obligation to consider it!

We have laid out a simple three-step process to help you achieve the results you deserve that is supported by your doctor.

Step 1

Get our PRE-1990 PENSION ENTITLEMENT SETTLEMENT KIT and submit it to the WSIB.

Step 2

Take the WSIB's Pension Assessment Report to your doctor along with the Medical Opinion Report contained in the Kit and have your doctor compare the findings between the WSIB's doctor and his own clinical notes and reports.

Step 3

Get our DECISION RECONSIDERATION SETTLEMENT KIT and submit it to the WSIB, along with the medical report from your doctor, for reconsideration of their previous rating.

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