Work Reintegration & Permanent Impairment

The Basics About Work Reintegration

The following information is being provided so that you have an idea of what to expect when the WSIB approves your claim and begins the process of trying to get you back to work as soon as is practically possible. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is key to your successful reintegration to the work-force.

Various WSIB staff may be involved in assisting you with the return-to-work process and ensure that the appropriate help is available when you need it. Some of the WSIB staff that could be involved in your claim: Eligibility Adjudicator, Case Manager, Nurse Consultant and Return-to-Work Specialist. These individuals will play supportive roles such as; determining your eligibility for benefits, supporting you and your employer in your return-to-work efforts and plan activities in collaboration with you, your employer and your doctor to achieve return to work and recovery.

Permanent Impairment 

If you have not completely recovered from the affects of your work related injury or illness, the WSIB is required to provide you with a Non-Economic Loss award (for claims after January 1, 1990) or a Permanent Partial Disability award, also known as a pension (for claims prior to January 1, 1990). This should be a relatively simple process and the outcome should be fair and just. But, in our experience, too often that is not the case.     

Support Through our WSIB Essentials Member Plan

Over three decades of hands-on experience in representing thousands of injured and ill workers across the Province, tell us that there are many challenges that inevitably cause the process to breakdown and most often it is the injured or ill worker who ends up paying the price.

Our WSIB Essentials Member Plan was created to provide you with all the tools and support to have your issues properly addressed by the WSIB and to ensure that you are properly compensated for your workplace injury or illness.

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