Union Membership Program


We are pleased to offer this exclusive program to members of all trade unions in Ontario, to help navigate the complex rules and procedures of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and ensure you are given fair and maximum compensation for your work-place injury or illness! 

The UNION MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM was created by professionals and experts in the industry, who understand the needs of union members and with many years of success in fighting for injured and ill worker's benefits. As a member, you have access to all the tools we have created at your fingertips, where you can pick the ones that meet your specific needs! 

From our 
WSIB Basics page, where members have access to all WSIB Worker Forms, as well as learn about the key elements pertaining to how a claim is set-up, Loss Of Earnings benefits, Non-Economic Loss, Health Care, Work Reintegration, Appeals, as well as tips on how to participate in these procedures, and more! 

Below, you can see all of the powerful tools you have access to as a member, to ensure you re properly and fairly compensated for your accident or illness!



All Settlement Kits are free to use and come with a short Instructional Video providing step-by-step instructions on how to use the Kit. Members can access our Kits and other resources from our MEMBER CENTRE, from anywhere where they have access to WIFI, a smart phone, tablet, or desktop. They can choose the one that will address their issue and have it uploaded directly to the WSIB from the Member Centre in just a few minutes. Members can use more than one Kit at a time if dealing with multiple entitlement matters.


The WSIB decision-making process can take significant time and can be very confusing. Knowing whether your case has merit or is headed in the right direction can avoid a lot of stress, costly and lengthy appeals. Having your case assessed by an expert with written recommendations can provide peace of mind. 


Members who want answers to specific questions regarding their claim can participate in the Just Ask Joe feature. The program provides for 10 questions for each member during the 12-month period of the membership. They can also upload a decision letter or other document for which they would like an opinion.



It has been our experience that the WSIB regularly makes changes to the system which impacts the various benefit structures. This can be very confusing to the claimant. This feature of our program provides members with peace of mind by receiving a special alert when the WSIB makes changes that may affect their benefits and be provided with the tools to take any necessary action. Being proactive and addressing matters in a timely manner can help avoid delays, frustration and uncertainty! 


With over 30 years of experience representing thousands of injured and ill workers, we know that in certain cases it may be more appropriate for a member to have hands-on representation. We can provide a referral to one of our approved and properly vetted paralegal and at a preferred rate for our members.


UMP Members are provided with 5 hours of one-on-one time with their Dedicated Advisor, during the 12-month term of their, to discuss their case. The following tools are used for the one-on-one sessions and are selected at the discretion of the Advisor.




Getting started 

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