Advocate Referral Program

Welcome to the Advocate Referral Program (ARP)

As a Referral Advocate, you can generate immediate Referral Bonuses through new referrals and build Residual Bonuses when they pay their monthly OnePlan Plus Legal membership subscription.

Understanding how the WSIB Settlements Advocate Referral Program works. 

There are two main participant roles in the referral process:

  • Referral Advocate An individual enrolled in the Advocate Referral Program
  • Referred Person An individual referred by a Referral Advocate
    Key terms used:

    • Advocate Referral Program - ARP
    • Referral Advocate - RA
    • Referred Person - RP
    • Advocate Referral Bonus - ARB
    • Residual Bonus - RB

      The Referral Advocate Program is only available to OnePlan Plus Legal members. You can upgrade your account by clicking the following link. 

      OnePlan Plus Legal   


          How do I refer friends using the Advocate Referral Program?

          • Once you are enrolled as an Advocate, you will have access to your very own Share Page where you can view and share your referral link.

          There are two types of Bonuses a Referral Advocate earn?

          • Advocate Referral Bonuses - Referral Bonuses are paid to a Referral Advocate when a Referred Person clicks on the link you shared and purchases a WSIB Settlements OnePlan Plus Legal membership.
          • Residual Bonuses - Residual Bonuses are paid each time the Referred Person pays their OnePlan Plus Legal monthly membership subscription, the Referral Advocate receives a $10 RB. 
            Other products where Advocate Referral Bonuses are paid?

            When a WSIB Case Assessment is purchased in conjunction with the OnePlan Plus Legal membership, there is a one-time $25 Referral Bonus paid to the Referral Advocate. 

            How and when are bonuses paid?

            All Bonuses are paid on a monthly basis through PayPal. Those enrolled in the program are required to set up a PayPal account in order to receive their bonuses. They are notified by email of eligibility for bonuses.

            How can you start earning?

            • You enroll in the Advocate Referral Program
            • Share the referral link with people you know
            • When they click on the Share Link and purchase a OnePlan Plus Legal  membership you receive an Advocate Referral Bonus in the amount of $10
            • They receive a $10 Advocate Referral Reward ARR
            • When they pay their monthly OnePlan Plus Legal membership subscription you receive a $10 ARB

            Click below to get your unique share link and you're all set!