My LOE benefit was reduced to partial LOE, what can I do?

The WSIB cannot reduce your benefits from full LOE to partial LOE unless the following you experience the following circumstances.
  1. You have been medically cleared by your doctor to return to modified work, your employer has suitable modified work and you refuse to return to work. 
  2. Your doctor has cleared you to return to suitable work, your employer does not have suitable work, you are referred to Work Reintegration services and you refuse to cooperate.

What WSIB does not have the right to do is force you to return to a job that is not within your physical restrictions or force you into a retraining program that you are not suited for! 

If the WSIB reduces your benefits because they have "deemed" that you are able to return to a job that is not suitable, or enter into a retraining program that is not suitable for you, our PARTIAL LOSS OF EARNINGS BENEFITS - DETERMINED EARNINGS was designed to address this type of a situation.