Will COVID-19 Affect your benefits?

Report, report, report!

If you believe you contracted the COVID-19 virus at work or as a result of the nature of your job, make sure you report it to your employer, your doctor and the WSIB. It is the WSIB's duty to determine if your condition is work related or not. For this reason, the sooner you report it the better.

Make sure that you provide as many details as possible concerning how you contracted the virus. Even the most trivial details may have an impact on whether your claim is accepted or not.

Also, it is important to note that reporting time limits that had been temporarily suspended are now back in effect. All the more reason to not delay your reporting.     

We have provided a link to the WSIB's page where there is helpful  information on how to go about reporting your claim.  

Click here for WSIB Q&A page on this subject.